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Pizza, the worlds most natural food. They say Pizza is Italian but we would like to argue that Pizza is human. It transcends geographical/cultural/linguistic borders and is loved by all walks of life. I've heard that if you put a Rabbi, a Priest and an Imam together in a room and ask them to order one pizza to share, they forget about religious differences and start arguing about what kind of pizza to order.

So it felt only right that we'd do something with this round brown-reddish fruit of life. And since we are a company that produces Pockies, we've designed Pizza packed Pockies. Let us know.

Pockies boxer-shorts are fitted in such a way that you can sit on a couch without showing the world what you got. The only woven boxer with Pockets. Regular fit, light fabric with elastic waist and logo at front. 2 pockets at sides

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