Ice Cones 2.0


by Pockies

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While this Pockie looks as cold as a popsicle, it will make you melt faster than how the gaze of Richard Gere melts women's hearts. Ice Cones 2.0 is coming for your buttocks in 2018. Pretty Women approve.

This is the boxer-short you have always wanted. The one everyone kept saying: “quit dreaming, no company is going to make such a boxer,” about. Well, ha, look who’s right now. Yes, indeed, you are. Congratulations. Go rub this in the faces of your so-called friends. You win this time.  

Pockies boxer-shorts are fitted in such a way that you can sit on a couch without showing the world what you got. The only woven boxer with Pockets. Regular fit, light fabric with elastic waist and logo at front. 2 pockets at sides.

Materials: 80% cotton 20% polyester

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