PUSH HER Cross Pack


by George Gina & Lucy


Bags designed for all the misfits & better world makers George Gina & Lucy are brand new to Canada. In limited quantities these are the IT bags of the season and sure to make a statement wherever you go. Get 'em while they're in stock!

  • Adjustable shoulder strap with large buckle 
  • Compartment Main compartment with drawstring closure and flap with adjustable 
  • Buckle Additional zipped compartment and front 
  • Pocket Zipped compartment on flap 
  • STAY STRONG lettering on shoulder strap and pocket 
  • Inside: 2 mesh pockets 
  • Outside: additional zipped compartment above the flap, one-sided Zipped compartment with GG & L carabiner, on shoulder strap small pocket with buckle 

Material: 60% polyester, 40% nylon 

Dimensions: 27cm x 10cm x 35cm (length x width x height) 

Weight: 430 grams