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It’s 2019 and in case you missed it the coolness of the overconsumption era is thankfully over. The adage of more is better at whatever cost is being replaced with conscious thinking towards more simple living and minimalism and this goes straight to the heart of one of our favorite brands around here at Saint Street. To put it another way, we’re not in 2005 anymore and even Akon left the rap game to save the world.

 Ucon Acrobatics Hajo Suede Series

It’s no secret that we have a big thing for brands who make big efforts to be pro-environment and that’s why we love working with one of our partner brands, Ucon Acrobatics. All of the Ucon Acrobatics bags and packs are made of recycled materials or eco-friendly fabrics. The brand simply wants to encourage customers to focus on long-lasting quality and design so they can have fewer and better goods.

We all know things need to change and that’s why Ucon Acrobatics has a very strict code of conduct including: Anti-Corruption, Fair Competition, Human Rights,  International Trade, Equality and Diversity, Environment and Health and Safety. These aren’t just catchy buzz-words either. You can find a lot more info on all of their sustainable practices here.


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Of course great products are built with great materials! All Ucon Acrobatics products are designed to last and are sourced from nature, are environmentally friendly, free of chemicals and beast-free with PETA certification.

Now HOLD UP. What’s a bag if it only leaves you with a good conscious? We know the design has to leave your jaw on the floor and be so beautiful you’ll be getting questions and compliments from complete strangers (trust, this will happen). Every aspect of Ucon Acrobatics design is well considered with the motto of ‘design as little as possible’. They aspire to reduce form and function to the absolute essentials creating a timeless aesthetic and it shows in every style they create. You know you are on the right track when you are designing less and being noticed more and these bags and packs will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Ucon Acrobatics Patch

Ucon Acrobatics Designer

So go on...have a look at our Ucon Acrobatics brand page right here where you’ll discover Canada’s largest range of the brand. Whichever style or colour you’re looking for we’re pretty sure we got it.



Ucon Acrobatics Hajo Stealth Ucon Acrobatics Finn Stealth

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