Secret Spot Photoshoot With Ucon Acrobatics

Hey you! Well here it is, our first post on our recent photo shoot for our brand new blog section. This is where we’ll be giving you guys more details & interesting facts on our products and overall creative process.


We recently photographed our favorite bags and packs line on the market right now, Ucon Acrobatics. At a secret location (can you guess where it is?) in the heart of Montreal’s South West district, we decided to showcase some of our favorite products from this Berlin based brand.

One simple and unique concept guides the whole Ucon Acrobatics design process; design as little as possible. Less is often more and Ucon Acrobatics definitely brings this motto to a whole other level through their timeless creations. Minimalism is the key. As Martin Fussenegger , head of design at Ucon Acrobatics, says : “Minimalism avoids being fashionable and therefore never appears antiquated.”


Most bag lines add countless zippers, straps and pocket to their product without even thinking that a simple broken zipper can ruin the functionality of the whole product. And who really wants to look like they have a Parachute on anyways? We know you guys barely use those “Side-lumber-multifunction-heavy-duty” straps, and so does Ucon Acrobatics.

So if you’re looking to style out with a new bag this summer or you’re heading Back to School in the fall, Ucon Acrobatics has what you’re looking for. You can find our complete range of in stock items here.

See you in the next post!


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