Rocking The World With Afends

Grab yourself a can of VB, light up that roll, chill with breathtaking models in edgy clothes beachside and get that hardcore punk dialed up... Just another day in the epic lifestyle of this Byron Bay darling.  Afends is here to rock your your world and make a statement.

Dressed to Kill, women wearing Afends can not only expect great quality, but also styles that suggest individual empowerment and a ‘middle finger to the man’ type mentality through killer quotes and graphic designs. As if living a rebellious lifestyle wasn’t enough, Afends is also very ecological starting a revolution using HEMP to create a ranger of their garments.


Using hemp to make clothes? Well that’s the whole point…Question everything! Besides all the benefits of using hemp, the brand just wants to push their customers to question more things around them and open their mind to new things. The first answer might not be the best one… There might be other ways of doing things!

But at the end of the day, as our mates’ at Afends say: “it’s not about educating people, but inspiring people to educate themselves.” So if you guys want to learn a bit more about Afends, definitely check out our womens section to find your next favorite piece of clothing ;)


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