Lofty Mornings With Pockies And Roar

The world is constantly evolving. We landed on the moon, invented this crazy space called “the internet” and now even your weird uncle probably owns some Bitcoin. BUT, one major problem remains unsolved… Why the hell isn’t there any pockets in my underwear!?

Well, we have the answer to this critical question you ask yourself every Sunday morning… Pockies Underwear. It’s now possible to be free like a bird in your house and still have somewhere to hold your cellphone, lighter or any semi-important stuff you want to carry around on a day off. These boxer shorts are the perfect in-between to stay comfortable, inside or outside your home, without showing the world what you got, … God bless you Pockies.




One lazy Sunday we raided our friends Jeremy Wilde & Jessica Eves loft in the Old-Port of Montreal to showcase the usability of these new bottoms which we’re so intrigued about. Through the eyes of Joanie Fortin, see how you could live your next staycation and enjoy the free time you finally deserve.

Finally, dressing comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean being out of style. You can still wear your favorite jewels from ROAR and Villains to elevate your game a bit. These playful pieces of jewellery are made to wear daily and just an effortless way to stand out. Mix them up, layer them together and rap out loud as every one does when they have a few chains on…Right? ;)


Here you are, now ready to ball on a day off. Make sure to visit our accessories section and browse through our selection of these great brands.


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