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Hey you! Feeling lonely? How about we introduce you to our new friends from Germany: George Gina & Lucy! 

Now, as much as we would love for them to be real human beings, George Gina and Lucy is actually a premium fashion & streetwear label, specializing in accessories and designed in Frankfurt. 

Originally founded in 2004, these were the ‘IT’ bags that were so popular they would sell out instantly and be sold for several times the price online shortly after! Things got wild but then as quick as they came they disappeared only adding to their now legendary status. After a long hiatus, George Gina and Lucy has revamped for a new era and are already making noise this spring with their first deliveries in years across Europe. In fact, the legend continues to grow with stories about them throwing an absolute banger of a rooftop party in Berlin for fashion week for their Spring Summer 19 release. For more info on that you can follow this link here.

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George Gina & Lucy Fanny Pack Women

Ok so we know that they are attracting a colourful mix of scenesters, fashionistas, musicians, artists and influencers and the community is super strong. But what about the bags? Your high school days might be behind you but don’t get it twisted as these bags are more of an extension of your personality than an actual backpack. From colorful fanny packs to unique crossbody bags emblazoned with positive messages like “STAY STRONG” you certainly feel empowered wearing GGL. No doubt that these are statement pieces. They are not trying to go quietly into the night and with colours like bright fuchsia, neon camo and strong contrasting colours they’ll be sure to be seen but don’t worry as they are more than just another pretty bag!

George Gina and Lucy bags and packs are incredibly practical and well considered with multiple adjustment straps, mesh compartments and zipped pockets to store your most valuable possessions. We recently received our new shipment for Spring / Summer and can confidently say that the fabrics and finishes on the bags are most definitely drool worthy and something that needs to be felt and seen to truly appreciated.


George Gina & Lucy Flight Bag


George Gina & Lucy Bag Women

The George Gina and Lucy customer doesn’t follow trends but prefers to drive them. They are ahead of the curve and are creators, designers and innovators and of course want to be looking extra fly (let’s be honest) but what we really especially love about this brand is their message with core values like diversity, freedom of self-expression, self-love, acceptance and equality. 

The GGL bags are new to North America and for the time being are sold exclusively through Saint Street in very limited quantities. It’s the ‘IT' bag of the season and we’re certain you won’t run into another fashion icon such as yourself sporting one around town so easily… and if you do be sure to get their number… He or she has great taste ;) 

OK BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL READING THIS!?  We told you they are super exclusive, right? Be quick to head over to the brand section right over here to shop our curated selection of George Gina and Lucy accessories, exclusively on Saint Street.





George Gina & Lucy Bag Belly Bean

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